Friday, 17 June 2011

Turkey Meatloaf Muffins

Since being off the diet, I've been looking around for good recipes with lots of protein and a relatively low number of carbs.  These turkey meatloaf muffins look pretty good, and after I found the video, I was hoping that there would be other videos from models, so maybe I could get lots of really good help.

Unfortunately, I think Jamie is the only one who does videos for her recipes.  She has a few up, and I think this one looks the best.  Honestly, I think the Food Network should do a show just for healthy eating.  I'd watch every episode.  They'd probably give Gordon Ramsey another show instead though because everybody loves seeing him yell at people for being donkeys.


  1. That looks great. To much of a hassle to make though. Besides, I don't even have an oven. I'll just keep it to boiled chicken breast, quark and canned tuna haha

  2. I MUCH rather watch her than Gordon Ramsey's sixth TV show