Sunday, 22 May 2011

Little mad at monster

So for the last few days I've been really busy with my summer courses and I've needed to stay up late because I underestimated the time that was required to do one of my assignments.  Usually I'd just pick up some smaller energy drinks or have some coffee, but because of this diet, I took another look around Walmart to see if anything matched up correctly.  Lo and behold, I saw this stuff:

Monster's "LO-CARB" energy drink.  Sounded great for a diet where you're trying to watch your carbs, right?  So I bought a pack and over the last couple days I've had them.  They REALLY gave me some energy, so I thought that it must just be a great product.

After drinking the last can, I took a look at the ingredients.

The number 2 non-medicinal ingredient listed was sucrose.  As in sugar. As in a very simple carbohydrate with a glycemic index of 67-68.  No wonder it was giving me so much energy, the "LO-CARB" version of this energy drink is full of carbs.

Probably set me back a couple of days.  Tasted really bad too, not worth the price at all.


  1. Hey, it's not full of carbs.
    The green monster has about 12gr of carbs/100ml
    The blue monster has about 2,5gr /100ml if I remember correctly! So it is fair to say this is the LO-Carb version of monster energy.

  2. if you HAVE to have an energy drink, stick with 5 hour energy, its just a bunch of B vitamins.

  3. Lower than one fucktonne is still a lot! lol

  4. Bluurgh. The blue taste like shit.