Thursday, 28 April 2011

Updates - pics tonight

So I went to GNC today, and the first guy I talked to said they didn't have callipers for measuring body fat percentage, and that they didn't have any tape measures for measuring other body part.  When he asked his manager if they had any tape measures in the back, the manager pulled out callipers for bf%... Sometimes I wonder about that place.

Still looking for a tape measure.  Goals are still about weight and bf% right now (cutting) so I can update about that.  If anybody knows where I can get a good 1 hand tape measure, please let me know!

Updated my body space and my goals for now:
  • Weight down from 230 to 205
  • BF% down from 18.6% to ~10%
And my summer goals:
  • Bench up from 245 lbs to 260 lbs
  • Squat up from 209 lbs to 315 lbs
  • Deadlift up from 280 lbs to 405 lbs (a stretch, I know)
  • OHP up from 135 lbs to 205 lbs
After I get my weight down, I'll probably do measurements for my body (chest etc.) and have other goals there.  For example, while I only want to get to 260 lbs for my bench, I know that  I'll want to do more flys and dumbell press to make my chest look more proportionate. 

The main reason I'm keeping the barbell bench so low is because my gym doesn't have very good hooks for their benches, and so I need to press up before I can get the bar into position.  This isn't good technique for bench press.  I'm thinking of switching gyms for better benches - I'll need to look into what's available around here.


  1. good luck on your fit goals, i should have set some goals for myself this year

    i guess its never too late to start though

  2. Wow your inspire me, man. I've never tried buffing up before but this looks like really hard work. Kudos to you.

  3. Congratulations if you manage to meet those kind of goals!

  4. Nice blog, looking forward to tracking your progress and get a bit of inspiration on my own.

  5. everytime i work out the song push it to the limit pops in my head, and hopefully yours too now

  6. i need to look good naked so this will help